What makes us tic?

We developed the world’s first instant home loan because we believe there are better things to do than spend weeks waiting for approval on a home loan.

But ‘making time’ is more than our product, it’s our philosophy in life.

We make time for our people, and work really hard to balance business and personal priorities for all Tictockers. Less time on the unnecessary and more time on the important stuff.

Our values.
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We make time. To be transparent.

There are no smoke and mirrors with Tic:Toc. We don’t have asterisks or disclaimers. We aim to be simple and easy to understand. And, we act with integrity in everything we do.

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We make time. To build good bonds.

We know we're only as good as the company we keep, so we make time to ensure every partnership is mutually beneficial.

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We make time. To be human.

100% digital doesn’t mean 100% robot. People are the reason Tic:Toc exists. This is why we invest in a balance of both our human and digital capabilities.

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We make time. To take responsibility.

We relentlessly focus on making the best customer experience possible. But we know mistakes happen and so we own up and fix them quickly.

How we work.

We ask questions, innovate and move at a fast pace.

We’re willing to do just about anything to avoid complacency.

We’re a proudly diverse team - the perfect cocktail of stargazers, perfectionists, energisers and tech-geeks. Served shaken with two green olives, thank you sir.

How we collaborate.

We recognise that knowledge, experience and skills are important, but we also look for personality and passion. We work side by side throughout the business – each with a focus on our customers and each other. In real speak, we have wheelie chairs in the office for a reason. Those floorboards get a good workout.

Where we work.

Not all start-ups are housed in converted heritage buildings with timber floors, tall white walls and industrial lighting. But ours is. We’re proud of Tic:Toc HQ, and believe our fabulous physical environment helps us to be more fabulous in everything we do. 

Meet the gang behind the Tic:Toc robot. 

Open Tic:Toc. 

We’re explorers at heart; delighting in unexpected discoveries and challenging the status quo
to arrive at the best solution for our customers.

See yourself as part of the Tic:Toc collective of curious minds? Want to become a Tictocker?

We’re always on the lookout for intelligent folk who like to think fast and share ideas.

Connect with us at recruitment@tictochomeloans.com.

Career pathways.

As far as recruiting goes, Tic:Toc is the Allen’s All Sorts of fintech startups. Get the intel on the sweet skills you need to be a Tictocker.

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Tech gurus.

A strong interest in front end UI/UX and/or Integration back end services. A Sherlock Holmes’ eye for detail. Being personable, curious and analytical. An obsession about how things work and creating cool stuff, to the point you’ve spent time volunteering in test labs, projects or learned something related to the role you want.

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Experience & UX yodas

User pathways are your thing, with a relentless focus on the customer. Knowing enough to be annoying (and friends with) IT, and suave enough to interpret and sell to the business. The ultimate interpreter between the strange world of 1s and 0s and the emotional world of the customer.

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Marketing meerkats.

Being emotionally connected to other people. An ability to collaborate like a pro cheerleader on games nights. Making connections in the world around you and associating ideas in unusual ways. Being zen under pressure and delighting in change, because nothing stays the same in a startup. Being able to tell a well constructed story.

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Customer credit specialists.

Experience in financial services and home lending. Commitment to the G.I. Joe training of home loans (Cert IV Finance and Mortgage Broking is either completed or you're able to achieve it.) Knowing the name of your customer’s new puppy, because you like them (the customer, and puppies, both.) Extreme freaky focus, in the best way.

Let's mingle.