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Be prepared and get more transparency about the costs involved in buying your home.

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If you have any other costs you want to include, such as moving costs or any incidentals, add them here.

Remaining 0% deposit

Your remaining deposit.

Great news! You have a % deposit which means you can apply for a Tic:Toc home loan.


Great news! You have a % deposit which means you can apply for a Tic:Toc home loan with our low deposit option, using Genworth LMI. For our standard home loan, you'll need a 20% deposit.

Low deposit option.

To fast-track your savings and reduce your required deposit amount, our funder takes out Genworth Lenders' Mortgage Insurance (LMI), and the cost is passed onto you.

Your LMI is estimated to be $, which can be added to your loan amount (capitalised) and included in your repayments. So you don't need to cover it upfront.


Gah. Unfortunately your remaining % deposit isn’t quite large enough to apply for a Tic:Toc home loan. We get how tough it is to save for a home.
So you know, you would need $ for a 10% deposit. This means you’d be able to apply for our low deposit option, using Genworth LMI.
Learn more about LMI and our low deposit option.
Check out our saving tips and other stuff to get ready for a home loan, here.

Your home loan.

After covering upfront costs and LMI you’ll need a home loan of $0 to purchase your property.

Your property value $0
Plus Upfront costs $0
Plus LMI (capitalised) $0
Minus Your savings $0
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How our calculator works

The numbers we spit out of our calculator are our best estimate of your upfront costs, based on the information you enter. While pretty accurate, use the results as a guide only. The Government fees and concessions we display reflect the calculations performed by each State Government (and can alter each financial year), however whether or not you’re eligible for any concessions depends on your specific circumstance. You should check the relevant government website or speak to your solicitor or conveyancer for more information. The amount of Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (LMI) if displayed is also an estimate. The actual LMI amount is based on many factors; including deposit size; property value; loan selection; and other application details. Because Tic:Toc home loans don’t have any associated fees, we’ve excluded home loan related fees from our calculations. However, if you select a CO:Lab home loan, there will be some upfront fees to consider.

Product Roll-to Rate
Live-in fixed P&I loans 3.37% p.a.
Live-in fixed and variable interest only loans 3.60% p.a.
Investment fixed and variable interest only loans 3.71% p.a.