March 1, 2019 Bailey Underwood2 mins

Environmental scientist and Antarctic explorer Tim Jarvis is a passionate advocate for action on climate change. With over 25 years of experience, his adventurous career has led him to some of the world’s most remote locations. Now, Tim Jarvis has partnered with Tic:Toc to raise awareness about the rapidly deteriorating state of the globe’s climate, the increasingly changing world of technology, and the importance of time.

In 2013, Jarvis retraced the perilous 1916 Antarctic expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton, for which he was awarded the Royal Institute of Navigation’s Certificate of Achievement in recognition of his leadership skills. In 2014 Jarvis co-founded 25zero, an initiative to highlight the 25 glaciers located along the equator which are expected to fully melt in 25 years.


“We live in a society now where time is very very tight, most people don't have enough to make the right kinds of decisions. If we can give people back time, we can allow them to make better decisions and enjoy a better quality of life.


“With climate change, of course we don't have much time. Too much time has elapsed and we need to be acting quickly and efficiently to try and make the changes we need for the benefit of us all.”


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