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It can be hard to keep an eye on your finances - in fact, the more you earn the harder it is! So how do you track your spending, make time to invest and save, and make sure your friend pays you back for dinner the other night? Luckily, there's an app for that. We've compiled five of the best finance and money-managing apps for iPhone and Android to help you stay on top of your money madness. As famous American industrial engineer Allan Mogensen once said: "work smarter, not harder". In this case, save smarter, not harder (although it wouldn't hurt to do both!)


Monefy is an expense tracker that makes it as easy as possible to record your expenditures. They have simplified the process and drilled it down to the essentials to make entering your expenses a cinch.

Only two questions are asked: what category does your purchase belong to and how much was it?

We recommend this app if you are not sure how your hard-earned moolah seems to be sneaking out of your wallet. You may quickly find, for example, that your daily drive to work is eating at a significant percentage of your income! Maybe consider taking the bike or commuting on the bus.

Monefy is great for troubleshooting financial peculiarities and will help you determine where to cut back so you can identify more opportunities for savings.


Best bits.

  • Easily add expenses in a couple of taps - just select a category and enter the dollar amount.
  • Synchronise through Dropbox so you can manage your expenses across multiple devices or with your significant other.
  • Data displayed in handy pie chart.
  • Track spending by day, week, month, year.
  • Completely free.
  • Widget for quickly adding expenses (Android only).

Available on Android and iPhone.



Raiz (which was originally called "Acorns") was built on the premise of a squirrel storing away acorns for the Winter. Similarly, this app helps you to store away money (and invest it, too). By rounding up your everyday purchases, Raiz helps you to squirrel away those extra funds and automatically invests them into a diversified portfolio of your choice.

Raiz is a great app for those who have trouble saving or for those looking to dip their toes into the world of investing.


Best bits.

  • Great introduction to investing.
  • Pick your portfolio - from conservative to aggressive.
  • Your investments are automatically rebalanced and diversified to reduce risk.
  • Bank-level security.
  • Easy, behind-the-scenes saving.

Available on Android and iPhone.



Splitwise is perfect for splitting expenses between two or more people. Whether you need to keep track of household bills with flat mates, keep a running tab with your travel companions, or if you need to track expenses between you and your significant other, Splitwise does it easy-peasy.

Enter how much you are owed and by whom, and Splitwise will do the rest. It tracks all owed bills across a group and automatically balances them, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth transactions. No one will ever forget to pay you back again.


Best bits.

  • Quickly add and split bills between multiple people.
  • Option to add photos of receipts.
  • Manage payments across multiple groups of individuals.
  • Great for tracking who owes what.

Available on Android and iPhone



Ever wanted to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies easily and completely commission-free? It almost sounds too good to be true! Thanks to Robinhood, it has finally become a reality. Robinhood delivers a true convenience for consumers while presenting a real challenge to the traditional brokerage industry (hmm... sounds oddly similar to another digital challenger in the fintech arena.)

Unfortunately, it is not currently available outside of the United States. However, a beta version has been released for testing in Australia, with the full app to launch here in the near future. Alternatively, Stake has started offering a similar service for Australians - although they do not currently offer any mobile apps.


Best bits.

  • Trade stocks and cryptocurrencies completely commission-free.
  • Launching soon in Australia.
  • Said to disrupt traditional brokerage industry.
  • "Stock trading was expensive and ugly. Robinhood makes it free and pretty." - Tech Crunch

Available on Android and iPhone.


You Need a Budget.

Or YNAB, for short, is a budgeting app that primarily focuses on paying down existing debts. Follow their four rules and you'll be paying off that pesky credit card in no time. Enter your income and assign every dollar to a budget category, then track your expenses and try not to break your budget! By being more aware of your money and how available it is to be spent, you can be more conscious when making discretionary purchases.

You Need a Budget

Best bits.

  • Effective tools to help pay down debt.
  • Create and track personal budgeting goals.
  • Insights and analysis of spendings and savings.
  • Every dollar is budgeted.
  • Sync with your financial institution.

Available for Android and iPhone.


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