February 14, 2018 Bailey Underwood5 mins

Chinese New Year is almost upon us! That means plenty of lion dancing, non-stop fireworks, and more spring rolls than you can count. To help you prepare for the season, here is our guide to DIY lanterns to decorate your home or workspace.

These ornamental lanterns are symbols of joy and good fortune and are a perfect addition to your at-home festivities. Hang them from the veranda, up the staircase or above the dinner table for a traditionally-decorated home. Happy crafting and 新年快乐! (Happy New Year!) 

Things you’ll need.

  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Gold pen (to decorate)
  • Red or decorative A4 paper
  • Card glue or double-sided tape
  • Large thread (or wool) and needle



1. Print cutting guideline onto paper (use our handy template). Use a gold pen to add highlights then cut decorative card into shape as shown.

Optional: glue decorative paper on the backside of the guideline.

2. Grab small tab on side and roll cut-out into a cylinder, connecting the tab to the opposite end. Affix tab with glue or tape.

3. Cut off a 40cm piece of wool. Double it over a couple of times and tie one end into an overhand knot as shown.

4. Cut the loop at the end to make a small tassel. Cut a new 40cm length of wool and tie it to the top of the tassel.

5. Using a needle, sew the wool through one of the eyes of the lantern as shown. Ensure the needle in threaded outside-in. (Tip: use the backside of a notebook to pierce some pilot holes in the eyes to make the threading easier).

6. Continuing clock-wise, thread the remaining eyes along that side and pull the wool until it reaches the tassel. This is now the bottom of the lantern.

7. Thread through the remaining eyes on the opposite side, this time ensuring the needle is threaded from the inside-out.

8. Tie a small knot at the top of the lantern to ensure it retains its shape. (Tip: use a pen to get a closer, tighter knot).

9. Hang it up and decorate your home!

For a larger version, use our large lantern template. Please note it requires to be printed across two A4 pages. Cut it out as you would the small version and glue all ends together.


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