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The scent of freshly popped corn, the allure of a dark, probably stained, patterned carpet and the whirr of the odd Skill Tester machine in the corner - ah yes, nothing quite beats a day at the movies. At Tic:Toc, we revel at the chance to spend some quality time away from the everyday and escape to the world of cinema. So, take a peek at what movies have been making the TicTockers tick lately.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Anna Ross, Manager, Partner and Performance 

"Chris "The Rock" Johnson is awesome in the film. Taking on the persona of a nerdy maths geek is hilarious."

Sukhant Gupta, Technical Business Analyst

"I like the concept of this movie. It includes thrill, adventure and most importantly it makes you laugh as well. The acting is pretty good as well and one of my favourite WWE stars is in this - "If you smelllll... what the ROCK is cooking"."

Rod Smith-White, Lead Business Analyst

"Sequels are not usually the best recipe for a great movie and I was hesitant of this reproduction of a great 90s movie, but wow! Jumanji 2 knocked it out of the park. Funny and, as a plus, no Disney-like Robin Williams soppy happy ending to ruin it. Each of the cast members did an amazing job to play people that were completely different to themselves e.g. Jack Black playing a high school girl. Thoroughly enjoyable for kids and adults, surprisingly funny and better than the original."


Call Me By Your Name.

Laura Osti, Manager, Public Relations and Communications

"Soundtrack, setting, sentiment. This truly beautiful film spills over in summery bliss. I left reminded of the importance of taking chances and feeling all of the feels - both good and bad. Love is rare! Be brave! Pluck that piece of ripening fruit! Even if it is brief and sweet, like the perfect Summer."

 Bailey Underwood, Media Planner

"It was cute, wholesome and captured young love and heartbreak perfectly. The Summer aesthetics of the film along with its unique soundtrack make this film hard to forget - and rightly so with its multiple award wins and nominations."


Darkest Hour.

Bailey Underwood, Media Planner

"A fantastic look at the struggles Winston Churchill faced trying to please country, King and cabinet at the start of arguably the largest global conflict in history. Gary Oldman does wonders portraying a humorous, often grumpy, but ultimately stern Churchill."
Image: MikesPhotos
"All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope." - Winston Churchill


I, Tonya.

Katherine Paphitis, Manager, Marketing and Communications

"A powerful story that is as entertaining as it is raw and true. A marvellous and refreshing performance by homegirl Margot Robbie, tipped for the Oscar."


Black Panther.

Rod Smith-White, Lead Business Analyst

"Yet another Marvel movie, this time filling in the back story to the Black Panther (first seen in the Avengers: Civil War). Despite an interesting story, great performances from the lead actors and stunning special effects, it had the feel of a cookie-cut copy of other Marvel movies. Was this movie needed in the overall story line of the Avengers, no. Was it worth making, not now. If they had waited until after the next Avengers movie and then made this movie it may have been better placed, but as it stands this just felt like a time filler until the real story starts. Recommend only true Marvel or sci-fi fans to see, everyone else can just wait for Avengers: Infinity War."


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Andy Rice, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

"From obvious immediate conflict, this story sneaks up on you in surprisingly warm and uplifting ways - perspectives change and alliances are formed where they do not naturally fit. Gosh, who doesn't love a united front for revenge? Timely. Of the now. And, breathtakingly human."


Your Name.

Keirron Stach, Web Developer

"It was a beautifully presented anime film about 2 people falling in love through time. And finding out the others life through their eyes."


Pitch Perfect 3.

Anna Ross, Manager, Partner and Performance 

"I am a Pitch Perfect tragic. I love the Acapella singing and Rebel Wilson is just so funny. Even the name of her Dad's boat will make you laugh."


Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Rod Smith-White, Lead Business Analyst

"A true Star Wars movie - somewhat enjoyable, somewhat disappointing. The story is reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back, in that not much actually happens but it sets up the next movie for a thrilling finale. There were some surprising moments and the feel was more like the original episodes than those first 3 piles of garbage, but there were some awful moments (do not even get me started on Carrie Fisher's Mary Poppins moment). Overall a good Star Wars movie that sits somewhere in-between the low ranking episodes (1, 2, 3) and 6 (ROTJ), but no where near as good as episodes 5 (Empire), 4 (New Hope), 7 (Awakens) or the rebel spinoff (Rogue One). Worth seeing but don't expect to be blown away."



Sam Lucas, Developer

"Great adaption of the book, and for once I didn't feel like Stephen King's books are being destroyed by a movie adaptation."


The Post.

Bailey Underwood, Media Planner

"The Post perfectly captures the early 60's era of the Nixon administration and tells the story of the then-fledgling Washington Post trying to break the preceding events to the Watergate scandal. The cinematography was flawless and, despite a majority of the movie taking place in a newspaper office, it often left me on the edge of my seat."



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