About Tic:Toc

We're an award-winning fintech company that's transforming the home loan process.

A world first

Tic:Toc is the world's
first instant home loan.

Tic:Toc in a nutshell

High tech.
Low hassle, low cost.

Tic:Toc launched in July 2017 to transform the traditional home loan process, and give Australians more control with a smarter home loan.

We use technology to assess your home loan application in real-time as you complete it online. And while our tech can do all of the work for us (which is why our loans are better priced), we also have a human team working out of our Australian-based HQ, so you get efficiency with personalised service – when you want it.

Where does the money we lend you come from?

Our Tic:Toc home loans are funded by the good folk at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, who are long-time friends of the business (and a shareholder). With a Tic:Toc home loan, you become a Tic:Toc customer.

Our CO:Lab home loans are a collaboration with La Trobe Financial, who fund the loans. With CO:Lab, we take La Trobe Financial's innovative home loan options, but simplify their process via our automated assessment and approval technology. With a CO:Lab home loan, you become a La Trobe Financial customer.

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Our purpose

To change the way Australians fulfil their home loan.

Tic:Toc exists because we knew home loans could be done better. We have simplified the process with the ambition to make home loans a simple, self-serve commodity (with help when you want it). And we refuse to play along with disempowering financial jargon, so we’re plain speaking: no nonsense; no asterisks; and no disclaimers.

But at the heart of it, our vision is to make time.

We’ve created the world’s first technology capable of providing an instant home loan, so our customers have more time to do the things most important to them.

Meet the team

Our tech

How does the Tic:Toc process work?

We use our technology to automate the decisions that assess you for your home loan, and lead to loan approval. If we hit a snag and there’s something our tech can’t do on its own (e.g. if we can’t verify your property value digitally), your application will ‘refer’ and we’ll quickly get a human onto it.

  1. 01.

    Your home

    A home

    We run a digital property valuation (we absorb that cost), so you know how much you can borrow for that specific property.

  2. 02.

    Your loan

    A stack of coins

    We ask some questions about your loan needs, and offer the home loan options we think will suit you. Then you select the loan you want.

  3. 03.

    Your details

    A calendar

    We get your personal details, which are verified in real-time against secure government databases.

  4. 04.

    Your financials

    A pie chart

    We get information about your income and expenses. Then, we validate them using our digital assessment technology or by our human assessment team.

  5. 05.

    Decision time

    An hourglass timer

    You’ll get a decision in just a few minutes. Or if there was something we couldn’t do digitally, we’ll get back to you within a business day. If approved, your loan docs will be auto-generated, and in most cases, emailed to you within minutes.

    Get Tic:Toc ready

I was sceptical at first but this is the easiest financial transaction we have ever done...

Everything was so fast and uncomplicated.

Catherine Hall

15 Feb 2019