We're an award-winning fintech company transforming the home loan process. 

Tic:Toc launched in July 2017 to transform the traditional home loan process, and give Australians more control with a smarter home loan.

We use technology to assess your home loan application in real-time as you complete it online. And while our tech can do all of the work for us (which is why our loans are better priced), we also have a human team working out of our Australian-based HQ, so you get efficiency with personalised service – when you want it.

Where does the money we lend you come from?

Our Tic:Toc home loans are funded by the good folk at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, who are long-time friends of the business (and a shareholder). With a Tic:Toc home loan, you become a Tic:Toc customer. 

Our CO:Lab home loans are a collaboration with La Trobe Financial, who fund the loans. With CO:Lab, we take La Trobe Financial's innovative home loan options, but simplify the process via our automated assessment and approval technology. With a CO:Lab home loan, you become a La Trobe Financial customer. 

What is Tic:Toc?

History, just in time. Made right at home, in Australia.

From small beginnings

From small beginnings.

In 2015 we became fixated on the notion that Australians spend hours, days, even weeks, of their lives confused, and consumed, by such a significant financial decision – a home loan.
What if

What if.

"What if there was a way to bring things back up to speed? Could Aussie know-how and tech allow home loan approval in minutes, not weeks?" we said. “It’s about time.” And so we got to work.
Two years later

Two years later.

After assembling fifty of the most creative fintech minds from the land down under, we launched Tic:Toc. A home loan in 22 minutes, not 22 days. Because it’s about your home, not the loan.
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