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"Tic:Toc just appealed, the interest rate was right, and in the end, it was pretty much effortless."
Marc, SA
"Having a simple process that we could just do at our own pace in our own time was really good.”
Gavin, NSW
“I was out to dinner… and wanted to see if I could apply for a home loan and get it before our meals came out. And that’s what we did.”
Jon, SA
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Our rates are current as of 30 November 2018; available to all home loans approved on or after this date, and they can change. Our comparison rates are calculated for a $150,000 loan over 25 years. They factor in our fees associated with applying for the loan; our ongoing fees and our fees associated with leaving the loan. Our fixed loans roll to a variable principal and interest rate at the end of the fixed term. If the interest only period is not specified, the comparison rate is calculated on a one year period.

These rates are:

Live-in 1 & 2 year fixed loans: 3.57% p.a.

Live-in 3, 4 & 5 year fixed loans: 3.80% p.a.

Investment fixed loans: 3.91% p.a.